Welcome to the Official Site of Solo Recording Artist & Guitar Virtuoso Sean Damon

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Welcome! I'm Sean Damon. Thank you for visiting my site. www.seandamon.com was Established in 1998, just 4 years after the release of my 1st Full-Length LP "Ballads from the Heart" which was Distributed Nationwide by Sony/ Wherehouse Records and completely sold out. In 1994, I was discovered by Los Angeles Lakers Owner, Dr. Jerry Buss, after hearing me sing just once. It was then I was invited by Dr. Buss to Deliver the National Anthem for a Championship Boxing Match at The Great Western Forum. Things went very well and I was invited to Continue performing The National Anthem for Major Sporting Events held at The Forum, which I did A-Capella between 1994-1998 in front of Live Audiences which was also Televised around the Globe on Prime Ticket Sports Channel.   Since my Music Career turned professional in 1994, I wanted to explore by writing different genres of music, playing every instrument on my music. That way it comes out exactly how I envisioned it. I am very grateful to each person that appreciates what I created and so lucky with the massive exposure I was given. I write Music because it's my Therapy & Ultimately an expression of who I am and what I've experienced. I have no interest in Fame and I'm not trying to land a Record Deal. Sharing my music to more and more listeners and to have it inspire them or spark a Memory in some way is my main motivation and it fires up my soul to continue doing it. My heart has experienced more loss and anguish than most people could ever imagine. Most of it beyond my control. It takes time, but most of my songs are based on real experiences and will continue to turn these horrible events into Positive Melodies with a Message that inspires others. Even with my physical struggles of having a Progressive Motor Neuron Disease, I will keep writing music and playing the instruments as long as my body will allow it. No matter what, don't ever let anything or anyone try to stop you from doing what you love. There will always be haters no matter what you do in life. So, you might as well do what YOU love anyways because, in the end, that is all that matters. Even if you have nothing, nobody can break the Power of the human spirit, if you don't let it. Live your Dreams no matter what and do it with Passion :D ~ Sean