B i o g r a p h y

   Sean Damon was born in Bloomington, IL. April 21, 1970. After his parent's Divorce At age 6, Sean relocated to Tucson, Arizona where he Discovered his love for Singing, playing Piano and Ultimately the Electric Guitar.  After months of countless hours of guitar & vocal practice,  Sean joined his first original Heavy Metal Band "Incipient" as Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist in 1987 Releasing One Recording with Rick Holland & Dan Badaluco. One month after Graduating High School in 1988, Sean relocated to San Diego where he continued to practice, practice, practice and mature as an Artist/ Composer. In 1992, Damon began his Professional Music career by joining an all original, No BS Heavy Metal Band "CRUSHER" (Now known as CAGE) as the Lead Vocalist, Lead & Rhythm Guitarist, along with Guitarist Dave Garcia, Big Vinnie Crudo on Bass & Brad Olson on Drums.

After becoming more of a Seasoned Artist, Sean's interest in Performing and writing different styles of music like Ballads, Fusion Jazz, New
Age and
Light Rock became more of a Passion and  Damon decided to step down as Crusher's Front-man and move forward with his Solo Career in 1994. Releasing his First Full-Length CD "Ballads from the Heart" which shortly became the highest selling CD of any independent Artist at that time while Receiving regular airplay, Nationwide CD Distribution by Music Retail Giant "Wherehouse Records/ Sony Entertainment" and Generous Publicity Nationwide with Newspaper Articles, Raving Reviews and Magazine & Radio Interviews. During this time, Sean Damon was discovered by Laker's Owner, Dr. Jerry Buss, who personally invited Sean to deliver the National Anthem at the Great Western Forum after hearing Sean sing for the very first time. From 1994-1998, Sean Damon delivered the National Anthems for Major Sporting Events at the Great Western Forum, A-Capella in front of Live Audiences of 10,000 plus the viewers on National TV aired by Prime Ticket Sports Channel, connecting him to Thousands of New listeners from around the Globe. 


In 1999, Sean released his Second Full-Length CD "The Art of Passion" also playing every instrument, revealing himself as a seasoned, versatile composer and Multi-Instrumentalist. Since the beginning of his solo career, Damon continues to make startling achievements in music pioneering. Sean Damon's technique and musical depth can be traced all the way back to the early '90s with his Heavy Metal Band "CRUSHER."  Since then, Damon has appeared on many different recordings which is centered on Jazz, Fusion, new age, light rock, Ballads, World and now Country Music. Damon's style has a particular concurrent thematic mood. Even after retiring from the Music Industry in 2001 to pursue a career as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Sean Damon has maintained recognition for his Voice and his magical way with the Guitar.

In 2013, Damon was faced with some of Life's TOUGHEST Challenges after noticing some Physical Difficulties which revealed an untreatable, Progressive Motor Neuron Disease commonly known as ALS/ Lou Gehrig's Disease. Then, Divorce after 18 Years of Marriage and also had to Medically Retire from his Career as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. However, even through the toughest, loneliest challenging times, Damon returned to his Passion for Music after 14 years of Silence and Released his First new original "Caribbean Dreamer" a visual instrumental which is sure to relax the soul and immediately drift you off to a Tropical Paradise with this unique Reggae/ South American Jazz Style composition. Showing his true diversity, his other new release "Bikini Girls" is one of those extremely catchy, Beach Party Top 40/ Dance/ Reggae rap style Originals that stick. Another genre added to Damon's Style was his Country single Release, "Tear You Up," an upbeat, high powered, Risque Country Song to certainly get you moving when you need that extra kick. It was Officially released July 1, 2014, and is available on iTunes and amazon.com. Damon's latest Published original "People Gonna Hate" is Damon's 1st Top 40 Hit which of course includes some fancy guitar work right in the middle since so many Top 40 songs in today's music don't have guitar solos. This song continues to inspire many to live their dreams regardless of Life's Challenges and is also available on iTunes for purchase. 

During Damon's extraordinary 25 year career, his Professional return to the Music Industry displays spiritually enriching music that sways from the seductively romantic, to the purely mystical in a style that is both classic, intense and global which has touched the hearts & souls of thousands and continues to land in the music Libraries of Music Lovers all over the Globe. With Damon's Passion for creating pure, heartfelt original music, whatever style of Genre Damon tries next, you can always count on some Kick Ass guitar on top.